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====== Welcome to the OCULUS! ====== ** A brief introduction to the Wiki and its purpose ;-)**\\ ---- ===== IMPORTANT NOTE ===== ** :!: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT MAY BE CAUSED BY A GUIDE. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK :!: ** ---- ===== Where have I ended up? ===== **Dear visitor,**\\ you're currently visiting the main page of the OCULUS Wiki.\\ Here you can find many useful tech-related information to ease your technicians everyday life.\\ Currently it gets maintained by a single person (that's me :-)), so it's possible that errors still occur here and there.\\ It would be really nice if you could contact me in this case so I can fix them.\\ Best regards,\\ Kai 8-) ---- ===== Imprint ===== As this site gets hosted in Germany, we're forced to offer an imprint to our visitors.\\ There you can also find a contact mail address if there are any questions left.\\ It's available here: [[]]

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